In The Right Direction

So I learned the coolest new thing today. My coworker and I were watching some Good Mythical Morning on YouTube and the hosts, Rhett and Link, were discussing a visit home over the holidays. The story revolved around the SUV that Link’s the father-in-law let him borrow while in town and almost running out of gas. Since Link needed to fill up, he began with stretching his neck looking in the mirrors for the gas cap door side. At this point, my coworker looked at me, smiled and said: “You know there is an arrow next to your gas icon showing on which side your gas tank is located.” What?!

Sure enough, that evening when I looked at my dashboard fuel gauge area, there it was:

Gas Tank Location Arrow
Gas Tank Location Arrow

If you ever rent a car or buy a new vehicle or borrow someone else’s and need to fill up, look for the arrow. Chances are it will tell you how to park at the gas station.

As diligent as I am about research, to my disappointment I could not find any information about the Gas Arrow’s beginnings. Many theories are out there; some say that a large company came up with the concept and to avoid legal issues other manufacturers started implementing it without popularizing it. Others hypothesize that someone devised the idea and car makers began realizing it without a standardization process. To support that, you may notice that you may have a Gas Arrow but your car’s manual might not mention it.

Now, if your vehicle doesn’t have the arrow, that can be due to the make or model. Not all cars have them, not even brand-new ones.

In my research, though, I did find a pretty cool way to spread the word – you can buy a Gas Arrow T-shirt here.