Be Afraid

Now that the Super Bowl is behind us, I discovered another country’s sports tradition – the New Zealand’s haka. It’s a ancient Maori (an aboriginal nation of the islands) dance performed before battle. The haka blends body movements with voice and expression to portray a tribe’s passion, unity, pride. The dance became known to the rest of the world in 1905 when the All Blacks rugby team performed the haka while visiting Britain. You can see a before-a-game video from 2005 here:

Today, the haka appears in sports but also at gatherings and ceremonies. The words said during the dance can describe ancestry,  history events, strength and traditions.

Apparently, the haka has also reached the United States. Texas, in particular. Through population migration, a large Tongan (another nation sharing common Polynesian origins with the Maori) community formed in Euless leading to the Trinity Trojan football team performing the haka before Friday games. It’s a sight to behold:


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