Psych 101 Observations

Just as most everyone with a New Year’s Resolution, I am failing on mine by September. Even though words aren’t posted, don’t be mistaken I am still learning daily and I am sure you are too.

Recently, I switched jobs and since now I get to work solely with grown-ups for the second time since college, here comes my profound lesson of the day. One of my coworkers has an interesting theory, she says: “I believe we can all get along, it’s just that we don’t always meet at the right stage in our life.”

Let it sink in.

If I look back, I have met, known, made friends and lost touch with many people from many nationalities. As we all walk through life, we face other humans that we either like or dislike. Also, with age, our interest change, evolve, habits form and consequently depending on all circumstances, we choose the peers around us. Make new mission – see everyone with an open mind, put yourself  in “this-other-potential-point-in-my-life” and be friendly.

Speaking of being nice, I made a psychological observation of my own. As one of my many vices, I enjoy some reality TV, namely “The Bachelor” and its derivative programming. Watching the latest season of “Bachelor Pad,” I observed an interesting phenomenon about mating. In “reality” games, involving cash and chemistry, the viewer sees lots of deceitful, almost immoral actions and monologue. As the show progressed, relationships formed and one can notice how certain men would abandon their former conniving tactics and begin playing a stronger and honest game. It unveiled something about our species – we become better with a partner. You can check out more about my simple perception, written by experts, here.



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