A Coaching in Cleaning

If I said that I were slightly OCD, my husband would laugh. So, having a “slight” OCPD I am rarely sloppy and it just so happened that bright and early this morning, I spilled about a third of my coffee on the desk and keybroad while reading over the morning news. Gut reaction – turn the keyboad face down for the liquid to drip and go grab something to clean up the mess.

After amending most of the damages, since everything must remain perfectly clean, I had to fully polish the keyboard and here is my lesson of the day. Many of you might already know how to execute this and while I knew that keyboard keys pop off, I was not entirely sure how and frankly since our console is almost brand new, I didn’t want to break it. Well, come to find out nothing breaks and the process is quite simple. Grab a screwdriver, a key, just anything flat and long enough to go underneath the keys. Press down on the key directly below the one you want to pop off, prop up your screwdriver on it, twist and push up under the key you want to remove. With just a little nudge, the keys come off neatly, I could clean up the few left-over warm coffee drops and pop the keys right back in. I have always used canned air to clean the keyboards and other electronics, but seeing how easy this process is and how much more effectively you can clean (OCPD…), I think I will save some money too. Happy Wednesday!


Face Value

While I am keeping my New Year’s resolution to start a blog, it has proven much harder to post every day when changing jobs and trying to buy a home for the first time. Wining aside, I learned quite a bit today in a matter of seconds.

Friends, family and coworkers have talked about Pinterest and how amazing it is for a while, and even though I have visited the website even before the buzz around it (Time Magazine suggested it as one of their top 100 sites last year), I never cared to truly dive in. Well, I just requested my invitation and am patiently staying on the wait list. Although I don’t have my own boards yet, I can still see other’s pins and one fit right up my alley – the pic listed a whole bunch of random facts.

One sentence stated “month” is the only word in the English language without a rhyming word. To specify, no common, truly considered word rhymes with month (some other popular no-rhyme words, do indeed rhyme: orange with hinge; silver with beaver, believer and a few more).

Another random fact on the Pinterest list stated that a duck’s quack does not echo. Now, check out  this How Stuff Works video.

The clever random fact sheet also said that cows can climb up stairs but cannot come down. To denounce that, here is a video taken a few years back in Jaipur, India:

So, our cow friends can indeed go down stairs, they just need the right stair and a careful stride.

Don’t misunderstand my point here. I like neat facts and learning, just not everything we may discover stands true. Keep learning.