News Without Borders

Eye-opening classifies today.

I consistently complain that American news does not measure up to Bulgarian or any other European’s country’s broadcast. When you turn on the evening telecast in the Old Continent, you get about 10-15 minutes of local and country news and the rest of the programming concerns the globe. Real world news. Not regarding our nationals handling another place but about other people, far away, managing issues. Unless it’s a major disaster, your U.S. 7 p.m. broadcasters won’t mention a word about it. Tornadoes swept through the Dallas-Fort Worth area on April 3. I made sure to email my parents when getting off work that my husband and I are okay, because even though there were no victims, the news spread over Europe and sure enough my family knew about the calamity early on April 4.

Today, I discovered how much in a bubble we seem to live and I dislike it. I believe that the American people want to know and learn and see more than with what they are presented. Apparently, toward the end of March commotion began, largely in Russia and Eastern Europe, because someone stated that the World Health Organization (WHO) classified vegetarianism as a mental illness and added it to the F63.8, a collection concerning habit and impulse disorders. The WHO rejected the statement. After hearing the rumor, I tried to obtain more information about it. The search took at least 45 minutes and included exploring German and Russian sites, as well as social media outlets. With all the information tools  presented today, news should be readily available. Not that any hoax should be discussed, but news from the WHO ought to hold more importance than Reese Witherspoon’s baby bump or Claire Danes’s sloppy dress.


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