Positively Peaceful

It always seems to take two days to hit home for me. When the fire behind my old rental home destroyed my garage and the back of the house, the event did not sink in until the following evening. Same happened today. Many heard about the tornadoes that came through the Dallas-Fort Worth area on April 4. Many, myself included, were there.

During the storm, I happened to stand in a larger bathroom with about 20 children, two parents and 12 teachers. While holding a three-year-old precious young man and singing songs nothing seemed to upset the happy mood in the room. The damaging winds, hail and downpour outside couldn’t break the laughter elicited from singing and signing “The Green Grass Grows” among other tunes.

Luckily, neither our staff’s nor client’s property got truly damaged and everyone in the area survived the storm according to reports. I, however, learned to stay calm. Our children, while used to severe weather drills, performed amazingly during both real tornado warnings and when all sharing  the innermost classroom for the afternoon. Those tranquil actions did not happen without a reason. Children can read us, our feelings, wants, pet peeves. During any emergency, remain calm. A child, chances are, has never seen a tornado, they base their fear or panic on you and your behavior. It does not always have to end badly – all I had to do is hold my little friend, tell him everything will be OK and give him some tickles.


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