Reading the Signs

With spring, the Texas weather becomes even more unpredictable, so I happened to learn some old wives’ tales to help foresee the elements.

Apparently, when the sky exhibits a red hue at sunrise, the day will become cloudy and the weather will get worse.

Also, if the temperature drops after rain, the following day will be dry, bright and warm. Morning due points to the same outcome as well. Now, if it gets warmer after rain, a cloudy day comes your way.

Another saying states that if you see fewer stars in the country sky, windy days will follow, and if a gloomy day sky, clears up at night, expect frost.

Animals patterns point to weather changes, as well. Dogs roll on and dig in the ground before rain. Also, frogs come out of water and ants hurry prior to a downpour. If you happen to see bees (probably will never happen on a regular weekday to me) fly in a tight swarm, expect thunderstorms.

Now, while these patterns might not always prove accurate (haven’t confirmed any yet) I am a believer that if something withstands the test of time, it must contain some truth.


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