It’s in the Details

Insurance always seemed as one of those necessary evils. You have to pay for it, spend more once something happens, but in the end you’re still better off having it.
Health insurance in particular I have a love-hate relationship with. I utterly dislike the fights that happen to ensure coverage for Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy needed by our clients, but I remain grateful that the majority of my ER bills were covered last year and thanks to my Aetna plan, I can get immunotherapy for free.
Now, here is the caveat I learned about policies today. If you are in treatment for something long-term, e.g. immunotherapy, and you change coverage, exercise care. Let’s say you switch jobs or get on a family member’s plan, ensure you don’t have a lag in coverage. Hypothetically, you wait the usual three months to get health benefits from a new employer, consider paying for COBRA. Even though the new plan may have the same benefits as the old one, the second company will count your treatment as a preexisting condition if a lapse in coverage happened and will not pay any charges for a year. Also, ensure hard copies of all the paperwork, dates, etc. When in doubt talk to your physician’s office and double check rules associated with your plans and needs. Got to love needing insurance…


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