Of Drowsiness and Ice Cream

Happy springing forward!

When I was younger, time change didn’t affect me, but now it’s a different story. Today, I learned a way to adapt your internal clock faster. Apparently, you can try going to sleep 15 minutes prior to your usual bedtime the week before daylight savings time begins. Also, set your alarm clock on the weekend by the changed time to ease waking up an hour early on Monday morning. Too bad I just discovered this method, so I guess there’s always next year.

On a happier note, I found out Marble Slab caters. Yep, the freshest ice cream on Earth at any party and for any occasion. I know what will make my children happy one day. Moreover, the creamery goes out to weddings, as well, and I would take ice cream with mixings any day over cake – less carbs and more calcium, right?



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