Shake It Off

“First, say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.”


Today, I was reminded of a vital lesson. My husband calls it “first-world problems.” Shortly after opening my center this morning, two coworkers walked in, one complaining about stepping in a puddle and how much she hates her foot and shoe getting dirty. Seeing her grumble about this mundane occurrence, I recognized myself, acting that precise way.

In the afternoon, I observed a mom almost have a nervous breakdown after her son had his immunotherapy shot (one of many, mind that, many that he had also had before). She panicky asked “Does it hurt? Are you OK?” as the at least 13-year-old boy tried to shake her off saying “No, it doesn’t. I’m fine. I’m fine, mom.” Here again, I saw myself, trembling over the safety of the children I care for, when they do usual children things, like climb and run.

Looking at others’ actions, I saw what I shouldn’t exhibit. Stop fretting the little things. They come and go. Look up, smile and move on. I know, I will keep trying to teach myself that.



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