There Will Be Bacon

After getting my immunotherpy shots, I must wait for about 25-30 minutes in my allergist’s lobby to ensure that I don’t go into shock. Usually, the area remains quite quiet despite the crowd of other people waiting their 30 minutes after injections. Until today.

A pair of world travelers (from their words) were sharing stories loudly across the room, mostly judging others they met (even though they are so open-minded) and complaining about foreign cuisine. Never have I considered food a problem when I visited a new location, but it could be a valid issue for many – some just due to picky eating, but for others, truly a health concern. Well, besides filling your bags with granola bars and junk food packets, you can apparently always take advantage of the hotel’s breakfast buffet. The first meal is usually geared for the main visitors of a venue and hotels mostly target Americans and Europeans. Fluffy scrambled eggs right up! So, if you can’t or don’t fancy adventure for your taste palate, pick the right hotel. Happy travels!


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