Healthy In Love

Never have I considered myself a romantic. I would just say that I am truly a girl. Today, however, I learned that love can make you feel good more than just emotionally. Turns out being happily in love has its proven health benefits.

Apparently, spending time with the one you love can decrease your blood pressure because you get more support than from someone who does not know you as well. Also, seeing your loved one, be that succeeding work or just after being apart, stimulates your brain and releases hormones such as dopamine and adrenaline causing your heart to beat faster. Those sudden bursts of activity train your heart and make it stronger.

Many have heard that “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away” and it seems that a hug a day procures the same effect. Hugs help the body produce and release oxytocin which decreases stress and makes us feel happy. Laughing with your loved one also expands your blood vessels hence aiding blood flow. All this leads to positivity and in turn lowers our chances of heart attack by 22 percent.

Last great news for the truly cheesy romantics – allegedly writing love letters drops your cholesterol and holding hands calms your nervous system.

Plan for tonight – write a love letter. Check. Does that mean I can eat an extra large Marble Slab ice cream?

Stay happy!


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