Small Steps

The first Sony product
(Courtesy of the Sony Insider)

While 24 hours never seems enough to write blog posts, learning never ceases.

Did you know that Sony’s first produced rice cookers?

The company’s founders Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita met again in post-war Tokyo, after working together on a war research committee. At the time Ibuka had founded the Tokyo Telecommunications Research Institute in a step to rebuild the country. With the war factories closing down, electricity was plentiful and Ibuka decided to begin producing household items starting with a primitive rice cooker. The ready rice never came up to par, so the device never launched on the market, but the failure along with Morita’s and Ibuka’s complementing talents inspired them to start a new joint company, which will become known as Sony in 1958.


Reading the Signs

With spring, the Texas weather becomes even more unpredictable, so I happened to learn some old wives’ tales to help foresee the elements.

Apparently, when the sky exhibits a red hue at sunrise, the day will become cloudy and the weather will get worse.

Also, if the temperature drops after rain, the following day will be dry, bright and warm. Morning due points to the same outcome as well. Now, if it gets warmer after rain, a cloudy day comes your way.

Another saying states that if you see fewer stars in the country sky, windy days will follow, and if a gloomy day sky, clears up at night, expect frost.

Animals patterns point to weather changes, as well. Dogs roll on and dig in the ground before rain. Also, frogs come out of water and ants hurry prior to a downpour. If you happen to see bees (probably will never happen on a regular weekday to me) fly in a tight swarm, expect thunderstorms.

Now, while these patterns might not always prove accurate (haven’t confirmed any yet) I am a believer that if something withstands the test of time, it must contain some truth.

Free in Green

Fifty cents or less, but free is always best. A woman on “Extreme Couponing” went by this motto and I like it. Free is great, especially when it comes to food.

Honoring St. Patrick’s Day, MacAlster’s Deli gives you a free (almost plate-sized) cookie with a purchase if you come in wearing something green. The offer goes on through the weekend. You must buy something, but it can be just a beverage (they have divine sweetened and unsweetened iced tea and that’s coming from an almost-only water drinker) and if you don’t own green attire per-se, shoes or a purse will do.

For MacAlister’s locations close by click here.

13×7 = 28

As a foreigner, many American staples remain quite unfamiliar to me. Today, my husband enlightened me to the existence  of Abbott and Costello and as a nerd, I figured I will share this lovely, hilarious “math” video.

It’s in the Details

Insurance always seemed as one of those necessary evils. You have to pay for it, spend more once something happens, but in the end you’re still better off having it.
Health insurance in particular I have a love-hate relationship with. I utterly dislike the fights that happen to ensure coverage for Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy needed by our clients, but I remain grateful that the majority of my ER bills were covered last year and thanks to my Aetna plan, I can get immunotherapy for free.
Now, here is the caveat I learned about policies today. If you are in treatment for something long-term, e.g. immunotherapy, and you change coverage, exercise care. Let’s say you switch jobs or get on a family member’s plan, ensure you don’t have a lag in coverage. Hypothetically, you wait the usual three months to get health benefits from a new employer, consider paying for COBRA. Even though the new plan may have the same benefits as the old one, the second company will count your treatment as a preexisting condition if a lapse in coverage happened and will not pay any charges for a year. Also, ensure hard copies of all the paperwork, dates, etc. When in doubt talk to your physician’s office and double check rules associated with your plans and needs. Got to love needing insurance…

Shield from After the Fact

Today’s lesson comes courtesy of my wonderful husband. Being very smart and an incredible writer, he was researching some law concepts today for a sports opinion piece and I tried to pitch in.

What many may know, I just discovered today – ex post facto law (Lat. after the fact). Simply stated, the United States Constitution forbids punishing offenders for doing something that was not illegal at the time an act was committed. Ex post facto laws (attempting to penalize for a former criminal event) cannot be passed, as the Constitution tries to protect individuals and entities from governmental abuse. For example, if you carried a concealed handgun before the 1920s, you can’t be punished for it, once concealed carry regulations were passed. A largely relatable illustration – if you did not wear a seatbelt prior to 1961, you couldn’t be punished once the legislation came in effect.

Of Drowsiness and Ice Cream

Happy springing forward!

When I was younger, time change didn’t affect me, but now it’s a different story. Today, I learned a way to adapt your internal clock faster. Apparently, you can try going to sleep 15 minutes prior to your usual bedtime the week before daylight savings time begins. Also, set your alarm clock on the weekend by the changed time to ease waking up an hour early on Monday morning. Too bad I just discovered this method, so I guess there’s always next year.

On a happier note, I found out Marble Slab caters. Yep, the freshest ice cream on Earth at any party and for any occasion. I know what will make my children happy one day. Moreover, the creamery goes out to weddings, as well, and I would take ice cream with mixings any day over cake – less carbs and more calcium, right?