Plate Principles

More learning about vehicles keeps coming my way. Definitely not a good kind of learning, either. As part of our mail today, came an envelope addressed to me from the City of Dallas. Come to find out, it’s a ticket for not coming to a complete stop at a red light. Mind that, in all my driving years, never have I had a traffic violation of any kind.

The license plate on the vehicle in the picture matched the numbers from my old car that I traded in when purchasing my current Nissan. So, someone either did not transfer the plates correctly or simply stole them. Great. After calling the dealership, all they said was that I should have taken down my plates, because they are not responsible if those get stolen from a car left on their lot. Why should they pay attention to that?! Lesson being, if you sell a car, take your plates along. (I got my first vehicle with plates and just transferred them, but I guess you never know)

Now, I await business hours tomorrow, to dispute the incorrect charges and then call the Dallas PD. Happy Monday.


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