Age-free Learning

Lessons sometimes come from the unlikeliest sources. Today I learned a neat planet fact.

Just wondering – what do you think when you hear astronomy? Potentially visualize planets or the unending universe, and the scientific information probably came from an instructor, a Discovery Channel TV show or some fancy article. Well, this afternoon I learned that Saturn has 22 large moons. A four-year-old told me. After looking it up, I discovered that the child happens to be correct. While the gas giant has 62 moons orbiting it, only 22 are significant in size and are its satellites. The same four-year-old knows the dates of his, his parent’s, most of his friends’ and my birthday. The majority of children that age lack this kind of memory capacity.

Remember my Saturn story and just as I will try, never forget that no matter how many years you accrue, age is irrelevant when it comes to providing learning and inspiration.



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