Loving Hands for Valentine’s Day

With today’s stressful environment and with me being an extremely tense individual on the inside, finding time for relaxation is an important part of my day. Nothing beats circuit training, yoga and reading to help me unwind. Today, however, a new relaxation and healing method appeared on my horizon called Lomi Lomi or the “Loving Hands” massage.

The technique involves continuous, flowing arm strokes. Lomi Lomi’s significance stems from its origins based on the Hawaiian philosophy called Huna. The holistic massage aims to heal the patient not just in physical, but emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects as well, through love. Lomi Lomi stimulates one’s inner energy flow and the effects are supposed to last long after the procedure. The key is not the pressure-free, steady arm movement or the complete silence, but the atmosphere of trust and tranquility between masseur and client. Also, for the massage to truly achieve its purpose, the therapist must possess an open, accepting, love-filled heart.

Lomi Lomi sounds pretty amazing to me, plus it could be practiced on couples and also taught to them, so hey, here is a new Valentine’s Day gift idea that goes beyond face value.


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