Team Trivia

History has never been my forte. Not that I don’t like listening to the story part, but all the dates and years never worked for me.

So, when my husband asked me, “Did you know what happened in 1849?” I just gave him a blank stare. He explained that the year marked the California gold rush beginning and continued with “That’s why they call them the San Francisco…” to which I replied “49ers!”

You see, being married to a sports journalist by heart and profession requires certain learning on my part. Being born and raised in Europe, however, isn’t conducive to naturally having that knowledge. For the past two years, I have been unrelentingly studying football and basketball team names and their respective cities (those are the only sports that I concentrate on so far). With my enthusiasm to learn this information and my husband, comes additional trivia knowledge. For example, did you know that the Utah Jazz has a very appropriate name? The team was founded in New Orleans and moved north.

Team names such as the Houston Astros and Rockets seem quite obvious with the NASA Command Center located in the same city. But doubtfully many in the general public know why the famous L.A. Lakers are named that. The basketball team came from The Land of 10000 Lakes, as it was founded in Minneapolis and relocated to L.A. in 1960.


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