Lessons Stew

While having a dog recovering from surgery and financial issues aren’t conducive to either enough sleep or blogging, it does not mean that the daily lessons have stopped.

Green Ground

One thing that I always loved about my alma mater is that the institution’s leaders always tried to reduce its carbon footprint. Once again, I saw that when I attended the first ever basketball games in UT Arlington’s brand new events venue – the College Park Center. The building incorporates a reflective roof to decrease the solar load and low-emittance windows. Apparently, even the court’s floor was not just made for the school but was recycled from the 2011 NCAA Women’s Division I Basketball Tournament regional final played in Spokane, Wash. This last piece of knowledge came courtesy of my amazing know-all-about-sports husband.

UT Arlington's new College Park Center court
The recycled floor from the 2011 NCAA Women’s Division I Basketball Tournament regional final

Small Steps

Also, I discovered a little more about allergy shots, as I had my first one Monday. The serum has six strengths as you start with the lowest and move up to the highest you can handle. Each vial is good only for a certain period of time so the more shots you get early on the quicker you can increase the allergen dosage and potentially get better faster. Most studies are based on twice a week treatment, but more than that can be administered with the initial serums. It’s important to remember that even if your allergy symptoms get worse sometime along the way of therapy because of pollen or mold outside, you shouldn’t stop your shots, because they are designed to work with your immune system to make it stronger and less reactive to those external triggers.

Chilly Conditions

While here in Texas we are enjoying 40s to even mid-70s and sunny skies, Eastern Europe is having the coldest winter in 100 years. Temperatures near minus 25 Farenheit. Brr. Check out some cool photos my sis took in Bulgaria:

Iced-over river
Sun setting behind the white mountain hills


A snowy Bulgaria

Aviary Sobriquet

Cooking shows happen to be one of my TV vices. Last night on a Food Network Chopped repeat, the chefs were preparing squabs in the entrée round. The birds resembled a miniature chicken, but I had no idea what they were. Apparently, squabs are pigeons. The same pesky kind you see on the street, except much younger, at four-weeks-old, and raised on specialty farms. In other words, when you eat squab, you are having a fancy-lifestyle pigeon on a plate.


Happy February everyone and enjoy some Super Bowl XLVI commercials.


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