Little Red Box

Have you ever seen those McDonald’s® commercials with the pretty, red Happy Meal™ box of hope? Well, I had always only seen it on TV and figured it was just for promotion. Throughout my childhood years and working with children I had never seen the red Happy Meal™ box in person. Until today. I learned that it exists. And it is quite cute:

Now, as a side note, my husband told me a story of a British girl, who started having breathing problems and loosing consciousnesses at 17 years old. The reason – she has been eating just about only McDonald’s® chicken nuggets since age 2. Apparently, her mother said that she couldn’t get her to eat anything else. Parents, get a grip. Children will not intentionally starve themselves. If they are truly hungry, they will eat. That does not mean that treating your child now and then is a bad thing. However, never have I refused what my parents set on the dinner table, I might not have always loved it, but I ate it. For their parenting food lessons I am grateful, because today I am a healthy adult, who takes a bite or two of unhealthy foods sometimes, but does not have to live through IV therapy.


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