Shopping Smarts

Today’s lesson is one of practicality. After getting married, I began couponing and even though I’m not nearly as skilled as the couponers on TV, I manage to save a bit.

This afternoon I happened to be buying Aleve – with an expiring coupon and at my husband’s request – and was considering purchasing the widely commercialized liquid gels. Well, I read the ingredients to almost everything I buy, if they are on the label. Post-checking the active ingredient amount and dosage prescriptions of the regular Aleve pills and the gel-like ones I discovered they are exactly the same. The only variation remained in the price with the gels going for $2 more at a 20 count less. Now, I understand the body absorbs different medication forms in different ways, but I think I will stick to the cheaper tablets per active ingredient. So I guess, I will keep reading the label, because today I noticed the same issue with shampoo, cereal and cocoa prices and I know I’ve seen hundreds more. As manufacturers say, consumers are exceedingly sensitive to price changes but quite unaware of quantity modifications.

Speaking of labels and meds, I also learned Excedrin is a blood-thinner since it contains aspirin, so just a heads up if you take it; read those labels and help your pocketbook and your body.


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