Teaching the Lot


We all know how we learn. The problem presents itself when you try to teach someone else, who may or may not learn as you do. I have near photographic memory, so I write to remember. In my experience, however, not all my students are visual learners. Chances are even your children may not be the same type of learner as yourself. Today, I discovered a curriculum framework that provides equal opportunities for all students to learn, called Universal Design for Learning or UDL. While it has been around for a while, the principles have not been applied in mainstream grade-level curriculum. UDL could help teachers and parents educate children with different needs, skills, disabilities, talents and interests. The UDL materials are designed to help a wide range of learners with minimal adaptation, even with leaving the option for further customization. Spread the word about UDL to help our children and to save money and manpower. I know I will.


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