Keep Walking

Yay for tough lessons this year.

My husband and I own a six-year-old dachshund. Yesterday he started acting a little bit detached, just not like his usual happy puppy self. We figured it was possibly upset stomach and decided if he acted the same today, we will bring him by the vet. This morning, after walking a little on our usual morning stroll, I had to pick him up the small steps by the front door because he didn’t want to walk up by himself and then after coming in he completely lost control of his hind legs. After my husband rushed him to the vet, we found out he had a ruptured disk in the middle of his back and needed immediate surgery. Three thousand dollars later, thankfully our little dog seems to be recovering very well as we are getting updates from the animal hospital. We will know for sure how to care for him from now on in the morning and all we can do is pray.

I guess what I learned is that if you have a pet that is prone to back problems, truly be cautious about getting it to jump from things and leap high up. Next, pay close attention to changes in your pet, the vets so far have said that we caught the issue right on time. Also, we discovered there is a procedure started in 1993 called Percutasneous Laser Disc Ablation (PLDA) that helps in prevention of degenerative disc disease in dogs and has proven 97 percent effective. The other 3 percent that had some recurring signals after PLDA recuperated after surgery without complications. The procedure is half as expensive as what we paid today and should save lots of pain to both you and your pet.


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