Moving to Better?

Today has been one of many lessons, coming from diverse sources, hence this post is published so very late.

This morning, I discovered how insurance estimates are made for car repairs at body shops by looking at the report and my dismantled vehicle’s photos. Also, apparently to obtain a lower estimate, shops move away from using OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts and substitute with after-market, recycled and remanufactured components. To clarify: after-market are parts made by other companies to fit your vehicle; recycled, as the name states, come from previously wrecked vehicles (from areas left undamaged) and must meet safety standards to be reused on your automobile; remanufactured elements are restored used pieces sold back to body shops instead of repairing minor damages.

Had to hold on to something when I saw this pic of my car:

My Nissan

Speaking of photos, sadly I discovered Kodak filed for bankruptcy. While I understand that the company will still be around and I enjoy shooting with my digital camera, there is nothing more beautiful to me than film photography. No amount of battery changes compares to putting the reel in your film camera, no time saved transferring pictures through the USB ports rivals rolling your film inside the developer tank in complete darkness, no spectrum of Photoshop enhancements can measure up to adjusting the settings on the enlarger and seeing your print come out of the fixer. Anyway, I stop reminiscing as I wonder for the millionth time if technology advancements are truly good for us.

Finally, thanks to my husband, I leaned tonight marked a very special ending to my Alma Mater, as I attended the final UT Arlington men’s basketball game at Texas Hall. For those of you who don’t know, the UTA Mavericks have played their ballgames on an actual theater stage since the inception of the program. This year they will be moving to an events center venue which will much more resemble our image of an arena. Farewell, Stage:

Texas Hall view from the bleachers


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