The Insurance Chess Game – G/30∞

For the first time today, I found myself staring at the blank page and truly not wanting to share all the lessons I learned today, all exceptionally aggravating and frustrating. It seems that it’s not a good idea to be a newbie when being in a car accident; it seems as one of those things we need to be born knowing so we avoid the ridiculous frustrations that come with it.

My vehicle has been at the body shop since Friday and I still don’t have a definite plan of action from my car insurance company. The latest I received was an update from the shop at noon that the projected repair date is January 1, 2013. Yep, didn’t make a mistake on typing that date either.

Anyway, back to the lessons. Get all phone numbers early on (your company, other driver’s company, repair shop, all adjusters, car rental location, etc.) and start calling. All the time. Because truly, nobody but you cares. If you’re not at fault (as in my case), get the other party’s insurance company to start a claim for you from the beginning. Apparently, if you don’t your so-called points go up and so does your premium, even though the other driver’s company accepts liability, pays your deductible and agrees on the subrogation terms. Go figure.

Moreover, if the adjusters decide to total out your vehicle, they must pay you what they believe your car is worth, which may be my case after buying my new vehicle less than a month ago. Thanks for the help from my great coworkers, one of whom a licensed agent in Texas, for educating me more on the subject matter. The learning continues.


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