Today was definitely a day of multiple lessons but one stuck with me the most. Lots of our parents try to keep their children close together age-wise, so with the two- and three-year old siblings attending school, we have multiple babies who come in with mom or dad when they drop off and pick up.

While I was playing with a sweet, 8-month-old munchkin, his mom told me that she needed to move out of the way, so that he will look at me because when she’s in sight he won’t look anywhere else. Hearing that, a coworker revealed some interesting information. Apparently babies prefer the vision of their mother’s face over any other – she is the one who mostly feeds baby and consequently baby feels safest with her. Also, babies appear to favor their father’s voices over their siblings’. Not only that, but research shows that as early as 22 weeks in the womb babies can recognize their dad’s voices because the deeper male voices are easier to hear than female ones.


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