Learning Channels

With the accident Friday, I think I got distracted enough to forget to share yesterday’s lesson I learned.

TV was never my primary source of learning. I’m a book nerd, no doubt. The tube has always been a source of entertainment (Maybe that’s why I still watch the Disney Channel). The new generation, however, and even people from my age group, doesn’t see TV as I do. My almost-10-years-younger sister happened to show me how to make one of those cool decorative straw balls. You take a balloon, cover it with school glue and start attaching the straws around it. When done, just pop the balloon and remove it. She made different shapes and decors, including some magnificent vases. What fascinated me, however, wasn’t the crafts project, but that she got the idea and technique from a Friends episode. Lesson learned – how we absorb information will keep changing and as educators and parents we need to take that into consideration and adapt.

Today’s lesson is slightly nerdy. I got to relax, enjoy the holiday and read lots, during which I learned that astronomers discovered the exact color of the Milky Way. Drumroll … it’s white. Snowy white to be more precise. Why it matters you can find out here: http://newsfeed.time.com/2012/01/12/astronomers-discover-the-exact-color-of-the-milky-way/?iid=cc-category-mostpop2.



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