Line Lowdown

Without fail when I call my Internet company about an issue I have with the wireless, the first thing they seem to ask is, “Did you unplug your modem.” Also, without fail I will think to myself: “Do you think I’m stupid?! Of course I did that, along with resetting the router, repairing the connection and restarting my PC” and I will politely go with “Yes, I did.” Well, I guess today I finally figured out why we are always asked that same question – because we’re not as smart as we think.

The picture on a few of my HD channels was very pixilated in some screen areas, with loss of visual and sound at times. After resetting the box didn’t fix the issue, we had a technician come out to take a look. In about 5 minutes he came by and told me that the antenna cable was being pinched by the TV stand (we run it under the carpet from another area of the room) and that affected the HD programming because it was much more sensitive that regular TV broadcast. Lesson learned – add checking the cables to the list of stuff to do before calling customer service.


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