End to the Blah, Blah, Blah

Working in a preschool, you get all the local free parent magazines and being a prospective parent, I tend to pick up a copy when we get a new issue. In the most recent publication of Fort Worth Child, a psychologist gave some pretty useful advice that I believe would help many women out – men are problem-solvers and listen as such.

Just last night my husband showed me a Ralphie May comedy skit about men giving their significant others “shut up cards” when they want quiet time to “think about nothing.” While the skit was hilarious (check it out up top), it tied very well with what the magazine blurb talked about. Men need to know why you are talking. Start with “Here is what I am going to say and here is what I want you to do about it.” Or, “I don’t want advice, just someone to hear out what happened.” The little things can help your male friend, boyfriend or husband not just hear your voice as white noise or even worse as an annoyance.



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