Better Go Catch My Nose

Allergies. Some of you may be unfamiliar with them and very fortunate for it. I was one of those people … and then I moved to East Texas. Just today I got allergy tested for the second time in five years and come to find out I react to everything from cats to weeds to cedar to mold. Anyway, with that delightful realization, came the knowledge of immunotherapy. The treatment involves shots composed of the diluted allergens that affected you. The serum is slowly made more and more concentrated with the hope that your body would stop reacting to the included allergens or at least reduce its sensitivity to them. And, according to my allergist, the therapy is effective in 85 percent of patients, with treatment needing to continue for three to five years. Shots begin being administered weekly, then semi-monthly, then monthly and if you are fortunate bi-monthly. Wish me luck.


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