Exploration Sunday

Ever since I was a little girl, my family and I went hiking every Sunday. Many majestic mountains surround the valley of the city that I was born in, so we took advantage of the natural beauty around us and went out for some fresh air. This year, I am trying to revive that tradition but living in the DFW Metroplex isn’t necessary conducive to mountain hikes. Quite a few trails weave in the area, however, so I decided to take a stroll down Campion Trail in the late, muggy afternoon.  And knowledge comes by at all places. Today, I found out that in the 1800s the trail I walked on – Bird’s Fort Trail – was created as the path connecting Fort Inglish (now Bonham, TX) and Bird’s Fort, the first official settlement in Tarrant County. And I enjoy that, not history per se, but the awareness that this path was here before the skyscrapers and the concrete, it brings images of wagons and pioneers, makes me feel as part of something bigger than myself and today.


View of the Trinity River from Bird's Fort Trail

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